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3 Ways to Join the Knowledge-Based Economy

Entrepreneurs today operate in a business world that’s different from their parents’. Years ago everyone had a job that defined them. These days what a person does and what he or she says publicly can seem like two full-time jobs. With the popularity of social media, entrepreneurs have to not only be better than their […]


Make growth smart and controlled.

For a decade before Eugene Borukhovich helped start Color Eight and its trust-based social search application, Q!, he was an intrapraneur within a large healthcare organization.

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Q! Stay Qurious app review: search for information

Are you searching for information but don’t want to do the typical type of search? You may want to give the app Q! Stay Qurious app a try as it searches through the “wisdom of the crowd” for a whole other take.


16 of the Most Famous Movie Questions of All Time

When you’re perusing a list of famous movie quotations, perhaps the AFI list of 100 most famous quotes, you may not sense a pattern among them. But Eugene Borukhovich, the co-founder of the social question and answer application Q!, certainly did.


The Q&A Team: How to Get From Q to A

You may have heard about the rise of social search apps but are not sure how they work. For this Q&A Team, we spoke to Eugene Borukhovich, cofounder of Q!, a new social search app.

Got Questions? They’ve Got Answers

Remember when the internet was a fun and friendly place where you could search for qherosomething and find an answer almost immediately? Yeah, we do too and we really miss those days.

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