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We keep moving with Q! 1.6

Today’s technology moves very fast and so do we. The 1.6 release is already in the Windows Phone Store and Google Play Store and under review with our friends at Apple :

We have tons of features still in the pipeline but based on your feedback added some cool stuff in a very short time.. Here is what we got:

* We added ability to add images via searching the interwebs
If you love visuals to go along with your question we made it even easier, just search the web via google images, find what inspires you and add –¬†please give credit where credit is due!
* Have a topic of interest, just search the web and get the URL to form your question around it!
We all like to ask questions around specific words, events, topics so why not search Google, get the URL and ask about the topic – you now can!
* Copy text to clipboard was fixed
Probably only we noticed this one!
* Fixed the preferred social network icon updates
As you add more networks to ask questions to, you can always select the preferred “persona” in Q! as the primary account. We noticed a bug that the pics didnt get updated – got that one!
* Fixed status circle notification
Ever noticed a little green circle next to all of your questions? If you actually click on it, you can manage your questions on each SN you have added but the green signifies that it was posted successfully everywhere! Well, we found a bug there! All green now!
* Slew of other bugs have been squashed
Too many to mention!
Stay Qurious People!