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Q! 1.5 .. oh and Windows Phone 8 version is out!

Lots of stuff going on at Q! Qurious bar – and it’s not beer! (well only after hours)

After launching our Kickstarter, we got a re-affirmation to get the Windows Phone version out – so we pushed ahead! While it is a 1.5 it is really our 0.1 version of Windows so any feedback would be great! As usual can be downloaded here

We also got a number of items squeezed in for Q! 1.5 and here they are in no particular order:

* You thought that our design was clean but we made it even more impactful with new icons and even cleaner interface
* We have added a “drafts” feature for those times when the interwebs are not cooperating
* Squashed a pesky bug that showed up when choosing a social network to post to, your question ended up only on Q! (but we love sharing!!)
* Want to enter a URL but don’t feel like typing http? no problem we will add it for you
* We now love and support arm64
* Swipe down to close image viewer – who wants to press button anymore!
* Other small bug fixes and improvements

Stay Qurious!

Eugene & TeamQ!