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Now you can #tag & #search your questions with Q! 1.7 and more..

We decided to utilize to see actual users in action so besides planned items in this release we also incorporated the invaluable feedback from the hired guns to beat up our app on usability. With that said, here is what we got pushed out in the newest 1.7 release – which is a big milestone for us!

We improved the user interface based on all your feedback and added some new nifty things:

*Finally a small tutorial
While we pride ourselves on design, we incorporated a small tutorial. A more complete one will come with 1.8!

* New and improved profile look – hope you like it!
We wanted to showcase how many questions you have asked and answered and with this new design, we are now positioned to showcase your expertise in coming months!

* We have been promising the world-beloved hashtags – and we finally got them. Tag your questions so you can find the answers easier.
This was important to us and our users. The idea behind Q! was to filter out your social life but we have heard it loud and clear that tagging your questions in Q! is important as well since we all want to refer back to the #travel questions we asked (as an example)

* Ability to browse your own tags, popular tags and categories! Woot!
Pretty self-explanatory but browsing your own tags, popular tags and the built-in categories is key for our user engagement

* Full search and search filters are here and we couldn’t be more excited!
dont feel like browsing, just search, we also got nice filters in place for you!

* Many other little enhancements

Stay Qurious!