• Q! and YOU

    Q! is your life filtered. We reject the notion of confusing or distracting data. We banish time consuming link bait and redirects. Q! is committed to reliable and actionable answers to your everyday questions brought to you by your trusted social circles and chosen network of experts.

    Q! is what you make of it, a knowledge and productivity tool to keep you from falling back into your social networks when concentration is key. We’ll help you to cut through the clutter and add another way to filter your questions 24/7 , whenever you need to tap into your network we’re always here for Q!

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    Trust Q!

    Q! believes in harnessing the positive power of social intelligence. We understand what you need and help you extract more value from your social networks. Abandon the stale information queue, embrace the new, recharge your search with Q!

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  • Your Q!

    Your online life can feel overwhelming enough without having to babysit yet another app or social management tool. We promise to keep things easy to use and well organized. Keep all the questions you’ve asked in one place and the answers that suit your needs in another.

    Q! is launching on Facebook and Twitter, the two most popular social networking mediums before we expand to include your online universe and expert networks. We’re curious about what you’re curious about. Come grow with us.

Nice to Meet Q!

Q! was designed for a new generation of information seeker, one who’s always on the go and looking for answers. For better or worse, we inhabit an ever evolving virtual world of social networks and online mediums. We endlessly communicate across mixed online mediums. We breathlessly tweet and inbox and some of us even +1 on a regular basis. All of our colleagues are LinkedIn, and we tend to Insta-everything while trying to keep your Pinterest. And if managed poorly, it all comes Tumblring down, gets tangled in the Vine or stuck in the Jelly.

Despite every best effort to ease the process, when you need a questions answered it can feel distracting or complicated to distribute, collect and filter the information from within non-stop streams of social data. While there are many great ways to manage your online life, when it comes right down to it, simple is better and clarity is king. Let Q! collect and filter all the information from within your non-stop streams of social data.

Q! was designed for people on the go looking for answers. In other words, we designed Q! to be exactly what we were looking for, an app to help us find better answers without being bogged down by an abundance of advertising, unsubstantiated opinions, or pay for play. And while we’re all by nature visual creatures, when we want answers we don’t want rigid structure or need more distractions.

Let’s face it. Search as we know it has expanded and morphed into a new breed of information retrieval system complete with keywords, social streams, opinions and updates. And at times, the wisdom of the crowd and information from chosen social circles supersedes traditional search in both method and results. Sophisticated surfers are impatient with links that lead to more links that might potentially lead them to what they want. And what we want is an actual answer to their questions

So join Generation Q! and tap into the power of your immediate social & expert networks. Get the answers you seek without filler, fluff or wasted time. You choose. You ask, They answer.

Welcome to Q! Stay Qurious.

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